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Shippers Questions

40 Questions for Freight Broker Prospecting Shippers


Below are industry good questions to ask potential shippers customers. The goal is to become one of their freight brokers of choice:


  1. What are your requirements to become another broker option?

  2. What are your challenging shipping lanes?

  3. Are you looking to onboard carriers/brokers?

  4. When was the last time you onboarded a new broker?

  5. How many brokers do you currently work with?

  6. What factors went into your decision to onboard the last broker you brought on?

  7. For the last broker you fired, what happened for you to fire them?

  8. What lanes are you currently running?

  9. Are there any lanes that have been giving you more challenges than others?

  10. Do you run the same lanes or are they typically unique?

  11. What equipment types do you need for your shipping?

  12. What modes (FTL, LTL, etc.) do you move?

  13. Is there flexibility for pickup for your shipments to work to get a lower price, or is it more of a strict pickup?

  14. Within how much time do you expect to have quotes back before you award a shipment?

  15. If all quotes came back at the same price, why would you choose the broker/carrier that you would choose?

  16. Outside of price, what are the most important factors you consider when choosing a broker to award a shipment?

  17. What months of the year are busiest for you with more volume?

  18. Which months are slower for you?

  19. What is the typical lead time for a shipment to go out from the time you quote and award it?

  20. Do you ever have any shipments that need to go out the same day?

  21. How often do you prefer to receive tracking updates?

  22. When was the last time you had a shipment get pushed back a day from a broker?

  23. Are there any equipment types that are giving you more challenges than others?

  24. What metrics do you use to measure the strength of your brokers?

  25. What is your biggest challenge in shipping your product?

  26. What qualities do you look for in a transportation partner?

  27. Do you keep your options open for transportation partners?

  28. Do you prefer a phone call or email when there is an issue?

  29. What do you like most about your current providers?

  30. What is the average cargo value for the loads you move?

  31. Do you move any high value loads?

  32. Do you have other locations where you all handle the shipping?

  33. How many loads do you move per month?

  34. Do you feel your current brokers handle claims well?

  35. How are your customers affected when there are damages to shipments

  36. Do your shipments require appointments or are they FCFS?

  37. Do you ever run any multi-stops?

  38. What special requirements are needed for your shipments?

  39. Would you, a team member, or your accounting team be the one to send and complete a credit app?

  40. I’m happy to send you an email with more info on what we do, what specifically would you like to see in that email?

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